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Find answers to specific estimating problems in Goldenseal construction estimating software!

AssemblieS and Cost Items
Can't add a custom field to Cost Items or Assemblies! (version 2.3 to 2.7)
Can't enter a component!
Change assembly price does not change estimate price
Duplicated an assembly, and later it unexpectedly quits (version 2.3 and earlier)
Replace All on Pricing Method field causes quit (version 2.8 and earlier)
Updating Cost Item prices

Bids and Competitive Bidding
Changing a bid sometimes won't update the estimate (version 2.8 and earlier)
Competes With bidding field doesn't list correct bids (version 1.08 and earlier)
Which bids are listed in an estimate?
Zero dollar bids

Estimate Breakdowns
Categories are alphabetized, not in original order!
Category and subcategory TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE
Changing the order of categories used.
Changing quantity causes a mismatch between unit cost and total cost (version 2.93 and earlier)
Percent of Hard Costs is skipping assemblies (versions 2.0 and 2.1)
Purchase Order is not being listed in menu (version 2.3)
Switching from dimensions- breakdown popup is disabled (version 2.2 and earlier)
Update Prices not updating all prices (version 2.93 and earlier)

Breakdowns disappear after changing padlock (version 2.4 to 2.42 only)
Converting from MacNail
Customer not showing in menu
Dimension could not be found message
Dimensions menu is blank!
Duplicated an estimate, and later it quits (version 2.4 and earlier)
Estimate record disappears. (versions 2.4 to 2.42)
Exporting to Goldenseal Estimating Software
Lost an estimate after export/import (version 2.1 and earlier)
No update button (version 1.0 only)
Sales tax amount is not right
Update button disabled (version 1.07 only)

Estimate Reports
Cost Summary has values switched (version 2.9 only)
Hiding Overhead

Calculation Too Deep message (version 2.35 and earlier)

Updating Unit Costs
Price is not updating from purchase

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