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Account Setup
Checking accounts vs checkbooks

Checking Accounts and Checkbooks
Can't delete or change a bank transaction
Changing the last record
Duplicated transaction after transfer (version 1.05 and earlier)
Opening window doesn't show most recently viewed record (version 2.3 and earlier)
Replace all in Statement field doesn't update status (version 2.8 and earlier)
Running Total trouble-shooting (more)
Running Total scrambled by a sort (version 1.08 and earlier)
Starting Over with a New account

Check Printing
Address and logo-- should they be pre-printed?
Printed checks don't spell out $90 or $900 amounts (version 2.3 only)
What brand & style to order?

Credit Cards and Loans
Starting balance and minimum balance for loan or credit card
What do I do with a Credit Card statement?

Reconciling hints
Reconciling previous months
Slow saving when changing statement field

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