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NOTE-- Follow the links to troubleshooting guides for payroll deductions and payroll tax payments.

Benefits not subtracting from gross (version 1.04 and earlier)
Benefits troubleshooting
Fixed benefits per pay period not calculating right (version 2.1 and earlier)

Forms & Reports
Getting a report of union dues withheld

Labor Hours
Correcting incorrect hours or overtime
Item breakdown has weird values (version 2.2 to 2.33)

How do you get deductions on paychecks?

Payments to Tax Agencies
Doubled taxes, or taxes not paid (version 2.2 to 2.33)
Payroll Taxes don't show in Pay Bills
Penny Rounding Differences
What accounts to set up

Tax Tables & Withholding
California Worker's Comp setup
Deduction troubleshooting
Fixing incorrect deductions in a past pay period
Taxable benefits

Wages and Wage Amounts
Giving a bonus to a salaried employee
Salary amount is not right for an employee
Two or more wage rates for an employee

Writing Payroll
2011 FICA correction
Labor hours are not showing (more)
No deduction for an employee (more)
Purchase made for an Employee

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