Goldenseal File Management Answers

Here's a directory of answers to file management, networking and security problems in Goldenseal business management software!

Backing Up
CD's and CD-RW's
File is Locked or on a CD
Save a Copy quits! (version 1.0)

Hard Disk & File Management
Damaged company file
Email warning to delete jdbgmgr.exe
Finding Files
Reducing Clutter after Multiple Years

Importing & Exporting
Bad Payee/Bad Name (import from MacNail)
Can't Find Folder (import from MacNail)
Error messages in Export Log
Error messages in Import Log
Importing Category Systems
Imported Data is scrambled (version 2.3 and earlier)
Loses posting after export/import (version 1.06)
Starting a New Company File

Macintosh File Management
Double-click opens older application
Using Mac OS X
Version Info-- which version of Mac OS is running?

Network and Multi-User Version
Can't enter simple lists from client (version 2.4 to 2.6)
Clairvoyant fields give an error or freeze in clients (version 2.94 and earlier)
Router vs Hub

Duplicate Record ID
Lost Password

Windows File Management
Changing file extensions
Checking the Windows version
Copying files with Win98
Double-click gives error or opens wrong program
Double-click won't open Goldenseal files
Moving Files from CD to Hard Disk
Needs Quicktime
Not a Valid Win32 Application

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