Router vs Hub


Difference between a network Router and Hub for TCP/IP, EtherNet, LAN


User of Goldenseal multi-user accounting software wants to know difference between an Ethernet hub or switch and a router


For an introduction to Ethernet hubs and switches and their differences, see “What is the difference between an Ethernet hub and switch?” at This info is paraphrased from there.

Broadband routers (or just “routers”) are a combination Ethernet switch (or hub) and Network Address Translator (NAT). They usually include a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server, Domain Name Service (DNS), and a hardware firewall to protect the LAN from malicious intrusion via the Internet.

All routers have a Wide Area Network (WAN) Port. This port connects to a DSL or cable MODEM for broadband service (e.g., the Internet) and is usually a 10 MHz 10BASET Ethernet port.

Many recent broadband routers are combination routers/Ethernet switch (or hub) that have multiple Ethernet ports to connect more than one PC to form a LAN.


Goldenseal business management software includes a multi-user version that runs over any LAN.

Entered 3/26/04 by Casey. Updated 11/3/2010.