Starting with Goldenseal

This start up manual shows you how to get started with Goldenseal business management software. It shows you the basics for each feature-- enough so you can get 'up and running' quickly.

Before you use this manual, you'll need to install Goldenseal on your computer.

Goldenseal Basics

Goldenseal small business software stores your company data, and then uses it to help run your business. It's a full featured program that provides estimating, accounting, project management and general business management for construction companies and other small businesses.

Each Goldenseal file stores four basic types of information:

  • Accounts-- for each person or company with whom you do business.
  • Lists-- for sales tax rates, job types, unit sizes, and other business details.
  • Transactions-- for estimates, bids, purchases, sales, bank payments, bank deposits, and other business transactions. Each type of transaction is designed for a different task. For example, estimates calculate quantities from the dimensions you enter, and payroll records calculate employee deductions and employer taxes.
  • Custom Layouts-- the appearance of what you see on the screen, what you see in reports, and what you print on business forms.

Once you've entered business transactions, you can use the Find command to quickly locate specific records. Goldenseal also 'posts' each transaction to the appropriate accounts, so your records will be complete.

If you have the full version of Goldenseal, you can use action commands to pay bills, write payroll, do client and project billing and deposit funds. You can also see detailed job costs with the Job Costs command.

How to Navigate the Online Manual

To go through the entire manual step by step, click the Next button at the top or bottom of each page. The lessons start with the basics of opening a file, and go on to cover everything from data entry to advanced estimating and project management features.

To see a Table of Contents directory, click the Directory button at the top or bottom of each page.

We suggest that you read through each lesson while you are at the computer, and actually try each feature while you are reading the lesson. Things will 'sink in' better that way.

Here's a quick guide to the different "getting started" topics:


Opening a File | Data Entry | Finding Records | Backing Up | Lists | Company Info | Printing | Reports

Accounting (Expenses)

Purchases | Purchase Breakdowns | Other Expenses | Paying Bills | Payroll Setup | Payroll

Accounting (General)

Chart of Accounts | Accounts | Bank Checks | Bank Transactions | Taxes | Inventory | Financial Reports

Accounting (Income)

Sales | Rental Management | Billing | Project Billing | Deposits


Basic Estimates | Dimensions | Schedules | Allowances & Bids | Assemblies

Project Management

Contracts | Material Takeoffs | Customers & Projects | Other Project Mgmt

Job Cost Tracking

Cost Categories | Cost Locations | Cost Items | Job Costs


Custom Layouts | Reports | Dimensions | Calculators

Other Features

Templates | Export & Import | Passwords


Network Setup | Server Setup | Client Setup | Connecting Mac & Windows | Dial-Up Connections

After you've finished the tutorial, check out Getting Started on Your Own. It tells you how to set up Goldenseal for your own business.

How to Get Help

We offer unlimited free technical support during our office hours (currently 9 AM to 6 PM Eastern time, Monday to Friday). Call 607 220-4514 for a knowledgeable staff member who will help you with whatever you need.

You can also send us an e-mail ( or check our web site for up-to-date information ( Besides this "getting starting" manual, check the reference manual and the special topics area.