Lesson 18-- Company Info

Use the Company Information command to enter basic information about your company into the Goldenseal small business software program.

The Goldenseal business management software uses that information in printed forms and reports. That way if you can change or address, phone number or logo, you will not have to redo every printed form that uses it.

Entering Company Information

To enter basic Company Information, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Company Info from the File menu.
  2. Enter your company name, address, phone number and tax ID numbers as you would like them to appear on printed forms and reports.
  3. Enter the date on which your fiscal year starts.

HINT: It doesn't matter which year you enter-- Goldenseal will always use the same day and month in the proper year.

To add your logo to Goldenseal, follow these steps:

  1. Create your company logo in any graphics program that supports PICT format (Macintosh) or bitmaps (Windows). HINT: You can create very simple graphics with the Goldenseal Custom Layouts command.
  2. While in the graphics program, select the graphic, then choose Copy from the Edit menu.
  3. Switch to Goldenseal, click in the Company Logo field, then choose Paste from the Edit menu (Mac) or right-click and choose Paste from the popup menu (Windows).
  4. When you are finished making changes, click the OK button.
  5. Goldenseal will automatically use the new logo in printed forms.

Using Company Information

Goldenseal business management software already includes the company logo on many printed forms. When you paste in a new logo, it automatically appears on all the forms.

To include the company logo on your own forms or reports, use the Custom Layouts command (see page 124).

The Company Info also lets you include your company name, address, phone and other basic info in reports, contracts and printed forms. It also lets you add the current date or time, and the start date and end date for reports that use a date range.

For example, to add today's date to a report, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Custom Layouts from the Options menu, and choose Reports from the submenu.
  2. Locate the report you'd like to change.
  3. Click on the Calculator tool (see page 140).
  4. Click at one corner of where you'd like to add the field, and drag to the opposite corner.
  5. You'll see a list of calculators. Select Lists in the popup field at top.
  6. Choose Current Date from the list, then click OK. NOTE: If you are using a new empty file, you won't see any calculators. You will see calculators if you use the Sample Company File, or if you start with a Starter File.
  7. The current date will appear on the report at the selected location.

Finishing Up

Before you move on, you might want to spend some time sprucing up your logo. Maybe someday a giant corporation will want to use the same thing, and you'll make a ton of money from it.