Goldenseal for Small Business

Goldenseal is accounting software and small business management software that is designed for small construction and service businesses. It's an integrated program that tracks sales, keeps books, handles accounts payable and accounts receivable, and helps you to keep your business organized.

Small business owners are usually short of time, so we created Goldenseal so you can take advantage of any parts of it, without needed to use everything. Later on, if you want to expand in other functions, you can just start using them then.

Goldenseal has plenty of room to grow, when your business grows. If you add employees, you can upgrade to one of our multi-user versions, for the difference in cost. That way, several people can use your company data at the same time.

Goldenseal works for any of the following types of small business:

Goldenseal is available for Macintosh and Windows computers.Click here for software pricing.

For more about Goldenseal's basic features, click here.

Mail Order & Internet Sales


Retail Sales

Service Businesses

Software & Tech

Wholesale Sales