Macintosh Small Business Software

Goldenseal is integrated Macintosh business software that gives you all you need to run a small construction or service business. The Goldenseal Mac business software includes accounting, cost tracking, cost estimates, project scheduling, project management, lead tracking and general business management. It's a complete package for any small businesses using a Mac computer.

Goldenseal comes in single-user and network versions. It is Macintosh software that is easy to set up and easy to learn. In fact at Turtle Creek Software we use the Mac version of Goldenseal to run our own business.

Goldenseal includes a "classic" form for Mac OS 7 to 9, and a native form for Mac OS X.

Macintosh Accounting Software

Goldenseal is integrated Mac accounting software that handles check writing, job costs, accounts payable, accounts receivable and payroll. You can also use it to track your retail sales, project estimates, leads and customer relations. Goldenseal is a "one stop" integrated program which also includes project management and general business management tools.

Macintosh Estimating Software

Goldenseal is also Mac estimating software for any business that needs to give price quotes, bids or estimates. Turtle Creek created one of the first Macintosh estimating programs back in 1987, and we are still going strong. There's no better way to create estimates on your Mac.

Macintosh Project Management Software

Goldenseal is also a Macintosh project management program which gives you contract writing, project schedules and a bill of materials. You can also use it for project inspections, bug lists or defect lists, change orders, purchase orders and work orders.

Macintosh Construction Software

Goldenseal includes "starter files" designed specifically for builders, remodelers, contractors, painters and drywall installers. The Goldenseal Macintosh construction software is all you need to run a construction company of any size

Macintosh Business Software Pricing

Goldenseal runs on any Macintosh with System 7 or newer (it also comes in a Windows version).

The basic version includes all of the following (single user):

The complete version includes all of the items mentioned above, plus these accounting features:

With the multi-user version you can use either a Mac or Windows machine as a server, and any mixture of the two platforms as clients. Goldenseal files are binary compatible, so it is easy to move them back and forth between Mac and Windows computers.

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