Goldenseal Scheduling Software

Start and Finish Dates




Goldenseal is scheduling software that automatically calculates a simple "time line" schedule in each project estimate that you create. It's a useful too for project planning.

Start and Finish Dates

You can enter any start date for each project. Goldenseal automatically adjusts the entire schedule when you change the start date. It shows the completion date for each line item in the estimate, and the overall completion date for the project.

Goldenseal knows how long each task will take, since it includes labor hour quantities in each of the Assemblies that you put in an estimate. If you are doing construction scheduling, Goldenseal comes with over 2000 unit costs which already include the labor hour quantities that are needed to calculate an accurate schedule.

Goldenseal is one of the simplest scheduling programs, since it automatically calculates the time it takes for each task, based on the unit costs that come with the program.

Delays and Adjustments

If you change the completion date for any item in the schedule, Goldenseal automatically adjusts the date for each item after that one.

You can also insert specific delays of any kind in the middle of the schedule.

Crew Size

You can change the crew size for each item in the schedule. When you add more people, Goldenseal automatically reduces the time it takes for that item.

You can also set the "standard" crew size for each item in the Assemblies.

Working Hours

The Goldenseal scheduling program lets you set up different Working Hours to handle standard hours, overtime, 4-day weeks and other variations in the hours you work on each project. You can set up as many sets of working hours as you need. You can also include a delay factor to cover employer and subcontractor absences, and other delays.

When Goldenseal calculates a project schedule, it automatically skips holidays and weekends.

Order of Work

To change the order of work in a project schedule, simply hold down the Control or Option key, click on any row, and drag it to a new position.


Goldenseal tracks all of your Appointments. It will remind you about appointments when they are due, and at any time in advance.