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Find answers to reporting and custom layouts problems for Goldenseal small business accounting software!

Custom Layouts
Colors and Number formats don't work on reports (version 2.7 and earlier)
Importing layout gives error message (version 1.0)
Why does it make two items when I create a field?

Expense Reports
Breakdown by category doesn't show items in breakdown tables!

Financial Reports
All Zeros on Report
Bad Value Message
Balance Sheet is not showing recent changes (version 2.53 or earlier)
Balance Sheet shows wrong asset values (version 2.94 or earlier)
Calculator with match field is not working (version 2.92 or earlier)
Loan amounts are way too high

Other Reports
Assembly Labor items don't show in Labor by Task (version 2.8 or earlier)
Can't change the Date Range, Item Range or Breakdown!
Double-click in report shows wrong transaction (version 2.1 and earlier)
Incorrect values in Costs by Category report (version 2.3)
List of categories or other list
No items are showing!
Where do income & cost reports get numbers?

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