Field Labels


When I use the field tool in Custom Layouts, why does it make two items- ons in bold, one not?


User is adding data entry fields to a layout, confused by the fact that two items appear on the screen.


The one in bold is the field's title (it will print whatever text is there).

The one in plain text is the value of the field. For a data entry window, it will give you a box where you can type in text. For a print form or report, it shows the number, money or text value of that field in that record.

HINT-- If you don't want the label, when you choose the field, turn off the 'create label' checkbox below the list of fields. You can also just click on it, then choose either Cut or Clear from the Edit menu.


Goldenseal small business accounting software labels the data entry fields, so you know what is in them!

HINT- after you add a field, you can use the text commands (font, size, style, color) to change the look of the field's text, and/or its label.

Entered 1/29/01 by Dennis. Updated 10/22/2010.