Goldenseal Printing Answers

Find answers to printing problems in Goldenseal business management software, estimating and accounting software!

General Printing
Dots print on background, HP Printer
It won't print at all
Margins too wide, cutting off text and everything
Text prints with boxes around it

Macintosh Printing
Margins are not right in Mac OS X

Printed Forms
Flagged labels don't print in original order
Getting a form to always show up when printing
Hangs up printing logos (versions 1.04 to 1.07 only)
Prints a blank page (version 2.42 only)

Report prints the same page twice (version 2.1)

Windows Printing
Getting extra text on printed forms/reports
Text is Cutting Off!

Other Printing References
Printing Special Topics | Getting Started Manual | Reference Manual

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