Goldenseal Interface Answers

Find answers to appearance, data entry and interface problems in Goldenseal accounting software and business management software!

Breakdown Tables
Dragging a row and hitting the scroller freezes (version 2.8 and earlier)

Chart of Accounts
Columns are off
Icons are weird after changing icon size
Large numbers of icons

Custom Layouts
Custom Layouts command is grayed out!
Tab Order is not changing!

Data Entry
Clairvoyant shows wrong item (more)
Dates have month & day reversed (version 2.7 and earlier)
Field is locked, can't change it!
Fixing locked records
Locations not showing in menu
Record is locked!

Macintosh Interface
Buttons not showing in lists (OS X, version 2.8 and earlier)
Hilight color not showing in some fields (OS X Tiger)
Pay Bills changes not updating (OS X, version 2.8 and earlier)
White behind the Tree icon (OS X only)

Menu Commands
Sort command is disabled

Other Interface
Changing the currency symbol
Goldenseal is very slow (fragmented disk)
Goldenseal is very slow (low memory)
International numbers and currency not right (version 2.31 and earlier)
New button is disabled
Record Numbering is not as expected
Screen is flickering or flashing
Window was moved offscreen, not visible

Windows Interface
Can't add rows in category system or other list table (version 2.3)
Can't drag rows in breakdown tables (version 2.93 and earlier)
Fonts change unexpectedly (version 2.3 only)
Popup field-- problems showing >100 items
Slow operation when used along with VectorWorks

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