Goldenseal Data Entry Tips

This section covers special topics for data entry in the Goldenseal small business management software and accounting software.

Breakdown Tables
Can I make the columns wider?
How do I add a line to a breakdown table?
How do I change the order of rows in a breakdown table?
How do I delete a line in a breakdown table?
Is there a quick way to add rows to the middle of a breakdown table?

Clairvoyant Fields
Can I enter a code number instead of a category or account name?
I made a new account, but it's not in clairvoyant fields!
I'm not seeing any employees in the Sales Rep field!
It won't let me enter a Category!
It won't let me enter a Subcategory!
Which employees are listed in the Sales Rep field?

Date and Time
How do I enter today's date?
How do I enter the current time?
I'm seeing weird dates in the Billing and Pay Bills windows!
I sometimes enter dates for the wrong year. Can Goldenseal prevent that?
I want to enter dates in day/month/year, year/month/day or year/day/month order.
Reports-- seeing weird dates

Finding and Changing Records
How can I mark records so it's easy to find them later?
Is there a fast way to make a change in many records?
When I click the View Invoices button on an account, I don't see all my invoices!

How can I get it to fill in data automatically when I open a record?
Is there way to make saving faster when there are many records?
It won't let me type in a starting balance!

Records & Record Browser
A record has disappeared!
Deleting Records
My records are out of order!
The record number at upper right doesn't match the record number at upper left!
The browser "book" is gray, and I can't move to other records!

Specific Fields
What should I put into the Include in Starter File checkbox in accounts?

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