Customizing Goldenseal

This section covers ways you can customize the Goldenseal business management software so it works better for your own type of business.

These features apply to Goldenseal accounting software, estimating software and project management software.

Changing Data Entry Layouts
Can I add buttons to show transactions for an account?
Can I add buttons with pictures?
Can I add or remove some of the data entry fields?
Can I add pictures?
Can I hide or delete columns in a breakdown table?
Can I shift some fields out of the main data entry layouts?
Company name and address: add to printed forms.
How do I add custom fields?
How do I change breakdown tables?

How do I return to the original layout after I've made changes?
I want the data entry screens to be bigger!
Layouts-- how to move between files

Changing Fonts and Text Display
I don't like the font in the data entry screens.

I don't like the font it uses for printing.

Changing Printed Forms & Reports
Can I add a scanned signature to my printed checks?
Can I add more columns to tables in reports and printed forms?
Can I delete columns from the table of a report or printed form?

Can I add more numbers to the Balance Sheet or Income Statement?
How do I add my company logo?
How do I make a calculator showing values for just one account?
How do I set the appearance of reports?
How do I return to the original layout after I've made changes?

Printed Forms-- creating new custom
Reports-- creating new custom

Custom Layouts Interface
Tool Palette on the left-- what do the buttons do?

Can employees enter their own hours without seeing other company info?
Can I control access to Preferences settings?
How do I keep employees from seeing data they shouldn't see?
How many passwords should I create?

Other Changes
Can I change what happens when I click the New button?
How can I speed up the Find command when I have many records?
How do I move a custom layout from one file to another?

How do I set up to read UPC codes or vendor product codes?

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