Printing a Scanned Signature

Can I add a scanned signature to my printed checks?

Sure! You can add any kind of graphics to any layouts in Goldenseal accounting software, including a signature.

Adding a Signature

Here's how you can scan a signature and print it on your checks, so you don't have to sign each check yourself:

  1. Sign your signature.
  2. Use a scanner or camera to capture the image in a graphic file format supported by Quicktime.
  3. In a graphic program, select the scanned image and choose Copy from the Edit menu.
  4. Open your company file with Goldenseal.
  5. Choose Custom Layouts from the Options menu, and choose Printed Forms from the submenu.
  6. Enter Checking Transactions into the Transaction popup field.
  7. Enter the desired check printing form in the Print Form popup field.
  8. Choose Paste from the Edit menu to add the scanned signature to the layout.
  9. Click on the graphic, and drag it so it will print in the correct place.
  10. Choose Save from the File menu to save changes in the layout.

Goldenseal check writing software will use the new scanned signature the next time you print checks with the altered layout.

Security Issues

If you have many employees with access to the check printing feature, you may not want to use a scanned signature on your checks. Doing that makes it much easier for employees to print fraudulent checks.

Even if you are the only user, if you are using a scanned signature you should give yourself a password to restrict the access of strangers to your company file. Otherwise someone with access to your check forms and your computer could print valid checks with your signature on them.

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