Report & Transaction Buttons

How do I add buttons to to show reports or transactions for an account?

Goldenseal accounting software version 2.4 adds several buttons that show transactions for an account. It also adds optional buttons that link to a report for an account or transaction.

Using Transaction Buttons

Click a "view" button to view that all the transactions for an account. For example, to see all the Sales made by a Customer account, click the View Sales button.

Click an "enter" button to create a transaction for an account. For example, to create a new Sale for a Customer account, click the Enter Sale button.

Click a "show" button to see a report. For example, click the Show Report button in an Estimate to see a category breakdown for that estimate.

Adding Transaction Buttons

Goldenseal includes optional transaction buttons that you can add to your data entry screens. To add a button, follow these steps:

  • Choose Custom Layouts from the Options menu, and choose Accounts or Transactions from the submenu.
  • Use the popup fields at upper left to locate the type of record you'd like to change.
  • Click on the field tool (fourth row left).
  • Click in the layout, and drag through the rectangle where you'd like the button to appear.
  • You'll see a Select A Field dialog. Scroll through the list and click on the button you'd like to add.
  • Click OK.
  • Goldenseal will add a button at the selected location.
  • You can drag the button to a new location, change its size, or change the color or text color.
  • Requesting Other Links

    If you'd like to have a button that is not in the fields list, please let us know! It is easy for us to add more buttons, and we can usually get them into our next release.

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