Hidden Window-- Troubleshooting Guide


The user reports that the a window is not visible, no matter what they do. They open a window via a menu command in Goldenseal small business accounting software, but can't see the window no matter what they do.


1. Are they using the Windows version? If so, check to see if the window is "docked". There will be a rectangle with its name at the bottom of the Goldenseal window. If the window is docked, just click on the dock button and it will return to normal view.

2. Are they using the Mac OSX version? If so, check to see if the window is "docked". There will be an icon in the Dock bar at the bottom or right side of the window (if the Dock isn't visible, they'll need to move the mouse there so the Dock will "pop up"). Click on the window icon, and the window will appear on the screen.

3. Did they move from a large monitor to a small one, or disconnect a second monitor? If so, the window might have been previously placed in a part of the desktop that is no longer visible (Goldenseal "remembers" the position of each window). The fix is below.

4. Did they accidentally drag a window so it is mostly offscreen? If so, there should be a small part of the window still visible (though it may just be easier to follow the solution below).

5. If none of the above apply, it may be an obscure possible bug reported by one user. If that happens, it probably would help if the user sends us the file, so we can see if the problem also happens here.


To fix a hidden window caused by monitor resizing, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the View menu (Macintosh) or Windows menu (Windows).
  2. If the missing window is listed there, click on it. Otherwise skip to step 4.
  3. Choose Close Window from the File menu.
  4. Press down a modifier key (Control, Option or Shift will work) and keep holding it down.
  5. Choose the menu command that opens the window.
  6. The window will open in a visible portion of the screen.
  7. Resize and move the window to the desired position.

In the Windows version, you can also choose Cascade from the Window menu. That will bring any hidden windows back onscreen.


Entered 2/19/06 by Dennis. Revised 9/11/06. Updated again 11/13/2010.