Goldenseal Error Messages

Some general error messages found in Goldenseal business management software, and their solutions.

NOTE-- If an error message is not listed here, check the other Goldenseal Answers links below for messages that occur in specific parts of Goldenseal.

Error Messages
Bad Breakdown Type (version 2.1 and 2.2)
Bad File Length (general)
Bad File Length in Contract Prefs (version 2.5 and earlier)
Calculation Too Deep
Damaged or Missing Transaction
Mismatch between record count and menu count
Problems with field PYNT (version 1.04)

Macintosh Errors
Damaged button or checkbox (OSX version 2.7 only)
Goldenseal Freezes when you Open it
TPrintingWrappers error (OSX version 2.7 only)
Type 1 and Type 2 Errors

Tech Support Basics
How to Send Us A File (Macintosh)
How to Send Us A File (Windows)
Mystery Error Messages

Windows Errors
TWindowWrappers error
Unhandled Exception

Other Goldenseal References
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