Type 1 and Type 2 Errors


Type 1 or Type 2 errors in Goldenseal business management software for Macintosh
Bomb msg: “Not enough memory available while using Goldenseal X.xx”
Goldenseal Macintosh accounting software quits with no warning msg. Memory or RAM allocation


These are memory errors and may force re-starts.
They usually occur when either not enough RAM is allocated to the program or the RAM gets “fragmented” from high activity. Allocating more RAM will alleviate these problems.
This may be due to memory leaks from breakdown tables and reports in vsn 1.07 and earlier. If using later vsn, get info on what was last done and for how long.

NOTE-- by version 2.8 we have caught nearly all bugs that cause crashes or memory leaks. Type 1 errors are extremely unlikely, but if you hear of one, log in the usual details. Ditto with "unexpected quits", which are more common.


In Mac OS 9 the user sets the memory partition. Adding more will frequently prevent crashes.

1) re-start the computer if this hasn’t been done already. Do not re-open Goldenseal accounting software.
2) find Goldenseal and click ONCE on it. If they have an alias on the desktop, click ONCE on that then select “Show Original” from the File Menu; this brings up the application already highlighted.
3) in the File Menu select “Get Info”; in System 7.x this opens an info window, but in System 8.x and greater choose “Memory”.
4) Add at least 1000 to the Minimum Size and Preferred Size boxes. This allocates more RAM to Goldenseal Accounting Software. Close the window, and open Goldenseal again.

NOTE-- Mac OS X and Windows allocate memory automatically. If it gets low due to memory leaks (and just like boats and siding, all software leaks-- it's just a matter of how fast), the best bet is to restart the computer.

Sometimes people click on a folder labelled Goldenseal, or click twice on the application thus opening it. Just breathe deep when they can't do step 4 and have them back up to step 2 then either open the folder or quit GS and try again.
If the error occurs after this, they may need to zap the P-RAM, re-build the Desktop, check for an extensions conflict, and/or re-install the system software. They'll need to check the computer's documentation, use a program such as Norton, TechTool, or ConflictCatcher, or get in touch with Apple's tech support.


Entered 7/11/01 by Gor. Updated 10/24/2010.