Error Messages


Mystery error message.

Error messages in Goldenseal business management software usually take one of two forms:

  • Oops message.
  • Oops message, with a file name and line number at the bottom.

NOTE-- If an error message starts with "Sorry..." then it's an expected problem within the data (e.g. a field is blank when it shouldn't be). We reserve "Oops" messages for unexpected problems, which may be caused by corrupted data, a bug, or other unusual conditions.


Here's a general troubleshooting checklist to try:

  1. Quit/Exit from Goldenseal, and try again.
  2. If that doesn't help, restart the computer, and try again.
  3. Which version of Goldenseal are you using? It may help to install (or re-install) the current version.
  4. If that doesn't help, contact our support staff (see below).

If contacting us about a mystery error message, please let us know the following info:

  1. What does the message say? Include file name and line number, if available.
  2. What were you doing just before the error message?
  3. What window is currently open, at the time of the message?
  4. Does it occur all the time? Just sometimes?
  5. Which version of Windows or Macintosh are you using?
  6. Which version of Goldenseal are you using?

Mystery error messages might be caused by any of the following conditions, in descending order of probability:

  1. Out of memory, or corrupted data in RAM (will be fixed by a restart).
  2. Bad data in your company file.
  3. A bug in Goldenseal's code.
  4. Corrupted data in the Goldenseal application (fix-- reinstall Goldenseal).
  5. Some other mystery condition.


Entered 1/26/06 by Dennis. Updated 10/24/2010.