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Cost Categories & Category Systems
Category can't be added as a subcategory
Dragging a main category scrambles subcategories (version 2.8 and earlier)
Export/Import screws up categories (version 2.2)
Listing of Cost Categories in Construction Category System
Listing of Cost Categories in CSI Category System
Listing of Cost Categories in Office Category System
One category used in two different places (version 2.31 and earlier)
Showing all categories

Job Costing Reports
Values in wrong columns (version 2.3 and earlier)

Job Costing THEORY
Costs vs Expenses

Job Costs Command
Incorrect Billed amount (version 1.05)
Job Cost income is not correct (version 2.35 and earlier)
Job Cost Only items not showing

Purchases and Expenses
Allowances don't show in the Applies To list
Change Orders not posting correctly
Credit and Return menu items are disabled (version 2.3)
Discount date is one day too early (version 1.05)
Discounts on vendor withholding
Job Costs are not posting
Two payments for the same expense (versions 2.1 to 2.3)
Paid costs become unpaid after export/import (version 1.06)
Voiding a zero purchase payment stays paid (version 2.7 and earlier)

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