Text Printing with Boxes


It prints a box around fields in Printed Forms, even when borders are not on.
Extra lines drawing around text.


What kind of printer are they using? There has been one report of this problem on a LaserWriter 310.

Check the layout to make sure borders are turned off in Goldenseal business accounting software.

Does it print OK on a different printer?

Try changing the font? It may be a problem with PostScript vs. TrueType fonts.

If they have more than one printer, try it on that.

It might be good to make a duplicate of the printed form (New Form, go back to old one, Select All, Copy, switch to new form, Paste), then change the fonts, to see if that helps.

Try changing fill color to white? Make sure text is black (Text- Text Color)? Check the Print in Color setting (Interface Prefs)?

NOTE-- This problem may also be due to non-printing characters. If the 'boxes" are character size, it is probably due to non-printable characters in the text, particularly if switching between Mac & Windows, or importing text from other programs.


The one user who reported this eventually solved it without telling us how. So you'll probably need to bumble around a little to discover a solution. Or, send a file to our support team, so we can see the problem first hand.


Entered 11/19/01 by Dennis. Updated 11/12/2010.