It Won't Print


Doesn't print in Goldenseal business management software.


What kind of printer are you using?
What are you printing?
Has it printed successfully before?
Any error messages?
Does it print blank pages, or nothing at all?

Try printing from another program (or different parts of Goldenseal).

NOTE-- these questions may help you to solve the problem. If not, they may still help isolate where the exact problem is, so you can be more specific when you contact us for our free tech support.


Here are some general hints for printing problems:

  • Turn printer off and then on. Try again.
  • Check printer cables.
  • Make sure it has paper!
  • Sufficient ink or toner?
  • Make sure there is not a jam or other mechanical problem.
  • Quit Goldenseal, reopen and try again.
  • It may help to give Goldenseal more memory.
  • May be a problem of TrueType vs PostScript fonts -- change fonts in the layout.

Here are links to more detailed info about printing problems in printing answers, and in the printing topics section.


Entered 11/30/01 by Casey. Updated 11/12/2010.