Report is Blank


a Report in Goldenseal small business software doesn't show any items. It's just blank.


First, hit the Update button!

If that doesn't solve the problem, try the following:

Turn on the More Details checkbox

  • What's in the Date Range? Try All Items, then hit Update.
  • What's in the Item Range? Try All Items, then hit Update..
  • Is there anything in the Match field? (if so, remove it then hit Update).
  • What's the Date Field value? Try All Dates, then hit Update.

Try using the Find command in the data records, to look for whatever you want in the report. Maybe nothing is there!


Each report in Goldenseal accounting software will show whatever it's set up to show. One disadvantage to having all the controls is that it's easier to set things so there is nothing left to show!


Entered 10/15/02 by Casey. Updated 10/22/2010.