Multiple Wage Rates


Employee is paid different wage rates for different types of work. How do you handle this in Goldenseal payroll software?


This may happen for "prevailing wage" or union work, or if the employee works in different states.


First, fill the most commonly used wage rate into the Wage Schedule field, in the Employee account.

If you have multiple wage rates, you'll also need to create some additional Wage Schedules that are at a flat rate. Don't turn on the Use Variable Rate checkbox for the alternate wage schedules, since that will grab the standard rate from the Employee account.

When you use Goldenseal construction payroll software to create Labor Hours, it will fill in the "usual" rate when you fill in the employee. You can then change the Wage Schedule for any hours that are at a different rate.

HINT-- If the employee frequently works at the "alternate" rate for some jobs, fill in one Labor Hours records with that info, then choose Template This Item from the Options menu. The next time the employee works on that job, click the template popup (to the right of the New button) to use a template, which will start out with the correct job and wage schedule.


Entered 5/1/07 by Dennis. Updated 11/12/2010.