Converting MacNail to Goldenseal


MacNail estimating software was replaced by Goldenseal in 2000. The user wants to convert old MacNail files to Goldenseal.


After 10+ years this is getting rare, but there are still some die-hard users of MacNail who decide to update.


The conversion was included in MacNail updates starting in 1998 or so. If the user can't locate the floppy disks, they can use the links here to download the converter for Macintosh or Windows.

Also, download the basic conversion manual, and instructions for converting estimates to Goldenseal.

The converter includes MacNail Estimating Manager 3.5, which has the commands used to export estimating data to Goldenseal. It also has a converter macro, and several folders.

NOTE-- The Mac version is compressed with Stuffit-- the user may need to download Stuffit Expander (free) to decompress it. The Windows version is an installer application.

Click here for more instructions on converting estimates from MacNail to Goldenseal.

WARNING-- The MacNail to Goldenseal converter was last updated in 2003, and it may not run under newer versions of Excel. The MacNail software was first developed 25+ years ago, and has not been sold for 10+ years. Our Excel-based estimating program has reached the end of its productive lifetime, and we can't support it effectively, any more.


Entered 3/10/08 by Casey. Updated 2/25/11.