Accounts Payable (Paying Bills)

Goldenseal is accounts payable software that tracks expenses, and makes it easy for you to pay vendor bills.

It's integrated software that also handles customer billing, job costs, payroll and general accounting.

Goldenseal is available for Macintosh and Windows computers. Click here for software pricing.

For more about Goldenseal, click here. For more about its general accounting features, click here.

Entering Purchases

To enter items that you've bought, choose Material Purchases from the Costs menu, then choose New Record from the Edit menu (or click the New button). When you enter a vendor, Goldenseal automatically fills in their usual sales tax rate and payment terms. You can use the Breakdowns field to include a detailed breakdowns of the purchased items.

If you pay for a purchase by cash, check or credit card, Goldenseal automatically enters a bank transaction to pay for it (we call that an "instant purchase"). Otherwise the invoice becomes part of your Accounts Payable.

Paying Bills

When you are ready to pay for past purchases, choose Pay Bills from the Bank menu. It shows you a "quick report" of vendors, and the amount that you owe to each of them. 

HINT-- Goldenseal automatically calculates discounts and finance charges, based on the vendor payment terms.

The Pay Bills window is also helpful as a "quick report" of the current status of your payables.

Double-click on a line, and you'll see a list of unpaid invoices from that vendor.

Click on the check marks in the Pay column if you only want to pay some bills now, then click OK to return to the vendor window. You can also click on the check marks next to each vendor to pay just some of them now.

When you are ready to make vendor payments, click the Create Checks button and Goldenseal automatically writes checks for each marked vendor (and prints them onto any type of preprinted check forms).

Goldenseal handles multiple checkbooks in each bank account. It also tracks payments by cash or credit card, or from an investment or loan account.  It even handles payments from escrow accounts.

You can also use the Pay Bills command for payments to tax agencies for the payroll taxes that you withhold, and the sales taxes that you collect from customers.

Accounts Payable Reports

To see an "aging" report of your current Accounts Payable, choose Expenses from the Reports menu, and choose Payables Aging from the submenu.

You can also see detailed reports of purchases, subcontractor charges and other costs.

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