Updating Cost Items


How to change the price of a construction Cost Item used in Goldenseal construction estimating software.


User wants to change the price of a Cost Item. This is not obvious, if the pricing method is set to Latest Price.


Two choices:

1. Change the Pricing Method to Manual, and then just type a price into the Cost Item. Change it back to Latest Price afterwards so it is updated. NOTE-- This won't work if they have entered a purchase for the item. It will just go back to the latest purchase price.

2. Enter a Material Purchase with an item breakdown, and include the item. This is the best approach if they have a bunch of prices to update, since it also gives a record of when and how they arrived at the prices.

For more about unit price updating, check the Goldenseal estimating software Getting Started manual-- Lesson 15.

NOTE-- Goldenseal estimating software version 4.4 adds an easier method of updating cost item prices.


Entered 1/7/04 by Dennis. Updated 11/3/2010.