Estimating Line Items Quantity Change


Estimate line items, change assembly price, then change quantity. It uses new price.


They have changed the quantity of an Assembly or Cost Item in an existing Estimate, after some unit prices have changed. It calculates the Item Price using the new price, but keeps the old unit price showing (so the math doesn't look right).


This is a bug in Goldenseal construction estimating software versions 2.9 and earlier. The new price is correct, but it looks bad to have the unit cost display as different. We've fixed it in version 2.94 and later of Goldenseal estimating software.

HINT-- If you don't mind changing all prices, use the Update Prices button to fill in all new pricing.


This design flaw has been there all along but it's so subtle nobody noticed til now.

Entered 9/3/04 by Casey. Updated 11/3/2010.