Dimension Could Not Be Found


Dimension forms in Estimates gives “...dimension w/ id#xx could not be found” error msg. May cycle a few times.
Edit Dimension Layout gives same msg. followed by a “Bad Case in ..." msg. This problem may occur in any version of Goldenseal construction estimating software.


First check the original source of the file. If not from a Starter File, there will be no dimensions included.

HINT-- The easiest way to check is to choose Assemblies from the Costs menu-- if no items, there are also no dimension calculators.

If that is not it, a basic or calculated dimension has been deleted. This is most likely to occur if the user has been customizing either the basic or calculated dimensions or the Dimension Layouts in Goldenseal estimating software.

If one of the stock dimensions that are included in a Goldenseal estimating software starter file, use method one below.

If a custom dimension created by the user, method one will work if there is a backup of the company file with the missing dimension in it. Otherwise, use method two.


1) Best, and easiest, is to do an import of “All Calculators” from one of the starter files, from the sample company file, or - if appropriate - a backup copy file into the affected file.

2) Harder, and more complicated, is to try and reconstruct the missing Dimension and add it back into the appropriate place(s). This means checking Calculated Dimensions for odd values in the Estimates forms or missing pieces of calculations in Options>Calculations>Calculated Dimensions.


Entered 7/6/01 by Gor. Updated 11/2/2010.