General MacNail Answers

The section contains answers to general questions for the MacNail construction management software.

This information comes from our Tech Answers database, which we have used for support calls over the past 15 years.

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Automatic Cell Protection- removing
BidMagic vs MacNail
Calculate Now, where is it?
Can MacNail run on a Network?
Code Change problem-- mystery errors (more)
Competitors, how do we compare?
Converting between Macintosh and Windows
Customing Report Formats
Do I have the latest version?
Excel is acting weird!
Running Two Businesses
Slow operation, disk thrashing
Using MacNail with XL5
Using MacNail with XL97
Virus Warning (or MacNail won't work at all)

Construction Details
CSI System
Hard Costs vs Soft Costs
HVAC (what is it?)
MacNail and CSI Category Systems

Data EntrY & Worksheets
Adding Columns
Adding Rows
Can't Enter Large Numbers
Cells are blank
Damaged Worksheet
Delete vs Clear commands
Keyboard Equivalents
Numbers not Calculating

Worksheet stays Protected

Error Messages
Circular Reference
Decimal and List Separators
Excel Terminates
Floppy Disk error-- not a Mac disk
Locked Cells cannot be Changed
Macro error- H10
Macro Error- in Excel 98
Macro Error- when opening file
Macro Error- when opening manager
Macro Error- when switching managers
Not enough memory to open file
Sorry, You can't do that here! (more)
Type 11 Error

File Management
Can't Find Folder
Can't Open or Can't Find File
Damaged worksheet (won't open)
File not in lists
File won't open, just opens Excel
Folders are all Empty
Opening XL1.5 Files
Replacing Blanks
Restoring from a Backup
XL5 File Problems

Hardware Requirements
Switching to Windows version
System compatibilities

Blank pages
Can't print entire worksheet, extra page breaks
Gibberish is printing
Printing Problem Diagnosis
Prints partial columns
Prints too small
Some text is too light
Using two printers (Windows)

MacNail MenuS
Doesn't Remove McN menu with XL5 (more)
Double McN menu
Missing MacNail (McN) menu (more)
Using XL4 Menus

Unusual Problems
Anything weird with XL5
Baffling Problems-- general advice
French or German system-- mystery errors (more)
Keyboard Shortcuts not working
Not Sorting
Opens File and nothing happens
Upgraded, now Manager doesn't work

CRC Error
Folder checkup gives errors
Hardware Requirements
Making an Icon (Win 3.1)
Switching to Macintosh version
Windows NT Use