Construction Estimating Software

Construction Estimating Software

Goldenseal is construction estimating software for remodelers, contractors, home builders and subcontractors. It gives you fast, accurate cost estimating for residential and commercial building projects.

Goldenseal is one of the quickest estimating programs currently available, since it includes "smart dimensions ", project templates and a built-in library of unit costs.

With smart dimensions, you can make a few simple measurements from plans or site drawings. Goldenseal then uses them to calculate quantities for foundations, framing, wallboard, roofing, trim and other building components. For more about smart dimensions, click here.

With project templates, you can set up a list of components for each of the basic types of work that you do. That way you can start with the basics, and just enter the differences for each specific project. Goldenseal starts out with several templates, and it is easy for you to create more to match your typical projects.

Goldenseal starts out with unit costs for a complete range of residential and light commercial construction. Most are set up as assemblies which include labor hours and the exact material quantities for the work. Goldenseal updates the assembly prices automatically when you enter purchases or change wage rates. It is easy to change any unit costs or to add more items.

After you create an estimate, Goldenseal uses the project specs to give you a simple project schedule, showing the calculated start date for each task in the project. It also creates project specifications, contracts and subcontracts, plus a material takeoff (bill of materials) and a list of the tools you'll need.

Goldenseal also includes cost accounting, project management and client relations tools.

Goldenseal software comes in an "estimates only" version which includes all of the following (single user):

The complete version includes all of the items mentioned above, plus these accounting features:

The Goldenseal estimating software is available for Macintosh and Windows computers. Click here for software pricing.


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