Concrete Estimating Unit Costs

Concrete construction unit costs included in Goldenseal construction estimating software.

Use this category when estimating concrete footings, poured concrete walls, concrete slabs and sidewalks, and other concrete items. These costs are designed for residential and light commercial concrete estimating.

HINT-- Use the job costing in Goldenseal construction accounting software to compare actual costs against your estimates. It will improve the accuracy of your concrete project estimating.

Forms & Reinforcing -- formwork and steel reinforcing materials
Prefab Metal Forms
Site-Built Plywood Forms
Wall Re-Rod, Average
Slab Reinforcing Mesh

Concrete Footings -- poured concrete footers for foundations and retaining walls
Footing, Per Lineal Foot
Footing, Per Yard
Hand Mix Footing 6 x 16
Ready-Mix Footing 6 x 16
Ready-Mix Footing 8 x 24
Garage Footing 6 x 16
Concrete Piers
8" Concrete Piers

Concrete Walls -- poured concrete foundation and retaining walls
Concrete Wall, Per Square Foot
Concrete Wall, Per Yard
Concrete Wall 8" Thick
Concrete Wall 12" Thick
Precast Wall Slab
Concrete Retaining Wall

Beams and Stairs -- poured concrete grade beams, support beams and stairways
Concrete Beams, per foot
Concrete Beams, per yard
Interior Steps
Exterior Steps

Floor Slabs -- poured concrete floor slabs
Floor Slab, Per Square Foot
Floor Slab, Per Yard
4" Floor Slab, Broom Finish
5" Floor Slab, Broom Finish
6" Floor Slab, Broom Finish
Add for Thicker Perimeter
Add for Slick Finish
Add for 6 mil Poly
Add for Vapor Barrier
Add for Gravel Substrate
Add for J-Bolts in Slab Perimeter
Additional Forms, Upstairs Pour

Specialty Slabs -- other concrete slabs
Precast Slab
Rat Proofing Slab
Garage 6" Slab
Concrete Sidewalk 4"
Furnace Pad 3x4
Chimney Pad 2x3
Hot Water Heater 2x3
Support Pads 8"

Concrete Accessories -- concrete admixtures
Surface Pigment
Antifreeze Admixture

Other ConcretE Work -- miscellaneous concrete construction items
Concrete Post Filling
Patch Existing Concrete