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Concrete estimating unit cost for application of a slick trowel finish on a concrete slab.

Unit Size

One square foot.

Labor Costs

We figure a skilled worker will spend one hour per 40 square feet of floor area, and we also include 1 unskilled hour per 100 square feet.

Material Costs

We include the cost of a rental power trowel. You might want to throw in a little portland cement, although the quantities needed are minimal.

Hard Construction Costs, Typical

$1.08 per square foot of finished concrete slab

Suggested Quantity

Total concrete floor slab area.

Source of Construction Pricing

This cost is based on actual timing of our Turtle Creek Construction crew on a couple of projects. Note that we were primarily remodelers who poured a few slabs a year, and only rarely with a slick finish. We usually could put on a decent finish, but we probably weren't as efficient as a dedicated concrete crew that does this all the time.

Places Included

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