HVAC Estimating Costs

HVAC unit costs for Goldenseal construction estimating software. This category includes heating, ventilation and air conditioning (including furnaces, duct work, vent fans and similar items).

NOTE-- Boilers and steam or water-based heating systems are located in the Finish Plumbing section. Electric heat is in the Finish Electric section.

These costs are designed primarily for residential and light commercial construction estimating on remodeling and new construction projects.

HINT-- Use the job costing in Goldenseal construction accounting software to compare actual HVAC costs against your estimates. It will improve the accuracy of your construction project estimating.

Furnaces & Central Air -- furnaces, central air conditioning units
Gas Forced Air Furnace
Oil Forced Air Furnace
Coal/Wood Furnace
Wood Burning Stove
Heat Pump
Central Air Conditioning Unit

Duct Work-- for forced air heat and central air conditioning
Furnace Ductwork
3x10 Furnace Ducts
6x16 Furnace Ducts
6" Round Ducts
7" Round Ducts
8" Round Ducts

Heating Accessories-- registers and other forced air heating details
Heat Registers-- Floor
Heat Registers-- Wall
Air Conditioning Diffusers

VENTILATION-- air vents and duct work
Bathroom Vents
Bathroom Venting per foot
Kitchen Vents
Kitchen Venting per foot
Vent Fan Ductwork
Hall Smoke Vent
Gas Water Heater Vent
Combustion Air Intake
Dryer Vent