Masonry Estimating Unit Costs

Masonry construction unit costs included in Goldenseal construction estimating software.

Use this category when estimating masonry work such as concrete and cinder blocks, brickwork, stonework, exterior stucco and other masonry work. These costs are designed for residential and light commercial masonry estimating.

HINT-- Use the job costing in Goldenseal construction accounting software to compare actual masonry costs against your estimates. It will improve the accuracy of your masonry construction estimates.

Walls & Foundations -- concrete block foundation and structural walls
Concrete Block Wall 4"
Concrete Block Wall 6"
Concrete Block Wall 8"
Concrete Block Wall 12"
Add for Core Insulation
Add for Vertical Reinforcing
Garage Foundation- 8" block
Garage Block Wall 4 foot
Decorative Block Walls

Brickwork -- brick construction and repairs
Brick Veneer Siding
Repoint Brick
Replace Existing Brick
Brick Veneer, Interior
Brick Pointing Work, Interior
Gunnite Stucco Repair

Stucco Coatings -- exterior stucco and finishes
Vinyl Skim Coat over Foam
Stucco on Masonry, Smooth
Stucco on Masonry, Textured
New Stucco

Fireplace & Chimney -- masonry and metal fireplaces and chimneys
Cinderblock Chimney, Clay Liner
Brick Chimney, Clay Liner
7" Double Wall Metal Chimney
8" Double Wall Metal Chimney
Liner in Existing Chimney
Mantle, Pine Site-Built
Mantle, Oak Site-Built
Brick Hearth
Set-in Metal Fireplace Unit
Metal Fireplace Unit
Masonry Fireplace
Franklin Stove
Fireplace Screen
Fireplace Glass Door

Stone & Earth Work -- stone construction and repairs
Stone Veneer, Interior
Stone Veneer, Exterior
Repoint Stone
Repoint Existing Stone Foundation
Replace Existing Stone
Adobe Block 8"
Stone Retaining Wall 3 ft
Stone Retaining Wall 5 ft