Masonry Chimney Liner Installation Cost


Masonry construction cost for installation of a clay flue liner into an existing unlined brick chimney.

This cost covers installation in a straight chimney with a reasonably accessible roof location for the top of the chimney. It assumes sufficient access to the chimney to cut a hole about every 8 feet for guiding and positioning the tiles (lowered in from the top). The cost includes patching the holes, but no cleanup or repair of cuts through finished walls.

Add additional time for offsets, multiple flues, very tight clearance or other complications. You may need to add more fill if the chimney opening is much larger than the flue liner size.

Unit Size

One lineal foot.

Labor Costs

We figure 6 lineal feet of new liner per hour of work by a crew consisting of a skilled mason or carpener, with two helpers.

Material Costs

Half a two-foot clay liner per foot, a few bricks and mortar for patching any cuts that are required in the existing chimney, and vermiculite or perlite fill for the space between the liner and chimney.

Suggested Quantity

Goldenseal suggests the calculated building height from ground to roof peak, but you'll probably need to adjust the height based on the actual project specs.

Source of Construction Pricing

A "rule of thumb" developed by Turtle Creek Construction, based on crew timing from one project and then refined when we ended up doing the same thing for a dozen friends of friends of the original project owner.

We never tried this as a replacement for a deteriorated existing liner, but it ought to be possible. Removing the old liners could easily take as much time as installing the new ones.

Places Included

Architect Starter File, Construction Starter File, Developer Starter File


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