Exterior Brick Repointing Cost


Masonry construction unit cost for repointing exterior brickwork.

Unit Size

One square foot.

Labor Costs

We figure about 14 square feet per hour for a mason with a half-time unskilled worker in support. This cost covers hand removal of loose mortar and replacement with new materials. It does not cover grinding or milling of old mortar.

Material Costs

Mortar raw materials. This cost does not include wall ties.

Suggested Quantity

Goldenseal suggests the net siding area, which it calculates from wall areas minus window and door opening sizes.

Source of Construction Pricing

This was approximately our installation cost for relatively small quantities of brick work applied by our crew. Turtle Creek Construction didn't do that much brick work, and even when we did, we subcontracted the larger projects.

Places Included

Architect Starter File, Construction Starter File, Developer Starter File.


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