Exterior Trim

Exterior Trim unit costs for Goldenseal construction estimating software. This category includes exterior door trim, window trim, soffits, fascias, porch trim and other exterior trim construction details.

These costs are designed primarily for residential and light commercial construction estimating.

HINT-- Use the job costing in Goldenseal construction accounting software to compare actual costs against your estimates. It will improve the accuracy of your exterior trim project estimating.

EXTERIOR DOOR TRIM -- exterior door casings
1x4 Pine Door Casings
Pine Door Casings
Brick Moulding Casings
Cedar Door Casings

Exterior Window Trim -- exterior window casings
1x4 Pine Window Casings
Pine Window Casings
Brick Moulding Casings
Cedar Window Casings

Fascia and Soffit Trim -- fascias, soffits and frieze boards at the junction between roofing and siding
1x6 Frieze Board
1x12 Frieze Board
1x6 Pine Fascia
1x8 Pine Fascia
Tongue & Groove Pine Soffit
1/4" Plywood Soffit
Aluminum Soffit & Fascia
Corner "Return" Details

Garage Trim -- trim for detached garages
Window Casing, per side
Door Casing, per side

Porch Trim -- trim for covered porches
Porch Railing, simple 2x4
Porch Railing, Spindle Type
Porch Railing, Cut-out 1x4
Porch Support Facing
Porch & Garage Trim, Generic
Porch Ceiling Finish
Porch Steps
Porch Lattice Panels

Deck Trim -- trim for open decks
Deck Seats Built-In
Deck Stairs
Arbors & Trellises
See also Deck Framing

Other Exterior Trim -- skirting, gingerbread and other exterior trim details
1x6 Pine Skirting
1x8 Pine Skirting
1x6 Between Stories Trim
Trim Between Stories
1x4 Pine Corner Trim
Misc Redwood Trim
House Number
Columns, Railings, Etc
Misc Gingerbread