Porch and Deck Construction Estimating

Deck, garage and porch framing unit costs for Goldenseal construction estimating software.

This section includes porch framing, deck framing and garage framing estimating costs. See also Floor Framing and Wall Framing unit costs.

These costs are designed for deck estimating, garage estimating and porch estimating on residential and light commercial construction projects. They can be used by remodelers, home builders and framing contractors.

HINT-- Use the job costing in Goldenseal construction accounting software to compare actual costs against your estimates. It will improve the accuracy of your porch and deck project estimates.

DECK Framing -- deck structures and flooring
Deck 4X4 Posts, PT
Deck 2X6 Floor Joist, PT
Deck 2X8 Floor Joist, PT
Deck 2X4 Rail, Simple, PT
Deck 2X6 PT Decking
Deck 1X4 PT Decking
Deck 5/4 PT Decking

Garage Framing -- garage construction and structure
Garage 2X4 Wall Studs
Garage 2X6 Roof Rafters
Garage 2X8 Roof Rafters
Garage OSB Roof Sheathing
Garage 1/2 Ply Roof Sheathing
Garage OSB Wall Sheathing
Garage 3/8 Ply Wall Sheathing
Garage T-111 Siding Sheath

Porch Framing -- porch construction & structure
Porch & Deck Piers 8" Round Concrete
Porch Support Piers 4X4 with Concrete
Porch Posts 4X4
Porch Beams Double 2X8
Porch 2X6 Floor Joist, PT
Porch 2X6 Roof Rafters
Porch 2X8 Roof Rafters
Porch 1X4 Fir Flooring
Porch 1X4 Luaun Decking