Framing Construction Estimating Costs

Framing unit costs for Goldenseal construction estimating software.

Use this category when estimating framing costs for floors, roofs, stairs and other structural framing. See also Wall Framing and Porch and Deck Framing unit costs.

These costs are designed primarily for residential and light commercial framing estimating for remodelers, home builders and framing contractors.

HINT-- Tract house and high-volume builders should probably reduce the labor costs by 25% to 40%. High end custom builders will probably need to increase framing labor costs, particularly in earthquake and hurricane zones.

Sills & Basement Framing -- sills, basement walls and treated wood foundations
Fiberglass Sill Sealer
2x6 Straight Sill
2x6 Straight Sill with J-Bolts
2x6 Straight Sill Shot
2x8 Full Box Sill
Replace Existing Sill, Min
Basement Wall 1x3 Furring
Basement Wall 1x3 Furring 8 ft wall
Basement Wall 2x2 Furring
Basement Wall 1x3 Furring Interior Walls
Basement Wall 2x2 Furring Interior Walls
Basement 2x4 Interior Partition
Basement Floor Sleepers (PT)
Treated Foundation Framing
Treated Foundation Plywood

Beams & Trusses -- structural beams and floor assemblies
Truss Joist TJI35
Laminated Beam 1 3/4x16 20ft
Laminated Beam 1 3/4x16 per ft
Triple 2x12 16 to 24 ft
Roof Wood Timber Framing
Roof Timber Frame Stress Skin

Floor Assemblies -- floor joists and floor trusses
2x6 Joists
2x8 Joists
2x8 Joists 16" on center 1st fl
2x10 Joists
2x10 Joists 12" on center 1st fl
2x10 Joists 16" on center 1st fl
2x12 Joists
2x12 Joists 12" on center 1st fl
2x12 Joists 16" on center 1st fl
Add for Metal Bridging
Wood Truss 8 inch
Wood Truss 12 inch
Metal Truss 8 inch
Metal Truss 12 inch
Band Joists for Trusses
Sleepers on Slab (pt)

Subflooring -- plywood and other wood subfloors
Plywood Subfloor
5/8 Plywood Subfloor
3/4 Plywood Subfloor
3/4 Waferboard Subfloor
3/4 Treated Plywood Subfloor
5/8 Plywood, Attic Subfloor
Waferboard Subfloor

Ceiling and Soffit Framing -- ceiling joists, attic flooring and miscellaneous soffit framing
2X3 Ceiling Joist
2X4 Ceiling Joist
2X6 Ceiling Joist
2X4 Metal Stud Ceiling Joist
2X8 Attic Floor
Kitchen Cab Soffit Framing
Bath Soffit Framing

Roof Framing -- roof rafters and roof trusses
2X6 Roof Rafters
2X8 Roof Rafters
2X10 Roof Rafters
2X12 Roof Rafters
Add For Hips, Roof Framing
Add For Ridges, Roof Framing
Add For Valleys, Roof Framing
Roof Frame- Add For Steep Slope
Roof Wood Truss, 16 Ft Span
Roof Wood Truss, 20 Ft Span
Roof Wood Truss, 24 Ft Span
Roof Wood Truss, 28 Ft Span
Roof Wood Truss, 32 Ft Span
Roof Wood Truss, 36 Ft Span
2X6 Soffit Support- Eaves
2X6 Soffit Support- Rake
2X4 Lookouts- Rake

Roof Sheathing -- plywood and other roof sheathing materials
3/8 CDX Ply Roof Sheathing
1/2 CDX Ply Roof Sheathing
Plywood Roof Sheathing
OSB Roof Sheathing

Stair Framing -- stair stringers and treads
2X12 Stair Stringers, Triple
Temporary Stair Treads

Framing Repairs -- floor and wall cuts, and other rehab framing costs
New Floor Cut W Header
Wall Cut For Door Or Window
Fill Doorway Or Window
Beef Up Existing, Average
Jack & Level Floors, Average

Framing Hardware -- framing and structural hardware
Common Nails
Roofing Nails
Galvanized & Misc Nails
Framing Screws
Joist Hangers
H Clips
Connector Plates
Bolts, Lag Bolts
Metal Joist Bridging
Rafter Clips
Staple Gun Staples

Other Framing -- dormers and other framing
Pipe, Duct & Chimney Chases
Fireplace Framing
Knee Wall Framing
Pass-Through Framing
Medicine Cabinet Framing
Skylight (New Framing)
Skylight (Old Framing, with Cut)
Under-Stairs Detail
Access Hatch Framing
Dormer--Shed Roof
Dormer--Gable Roof