Metal Floor Bridging


Construction estimating unit price for metal bridging between wood floor joists.

Unit Size

One square foot of floor framing area.

NOTE-- Goldenseal also includes a bridging unit cost that is based on the number of bridging assemblies required.

Labor Costs

We figure a crew of one carpenter and one helper can install bridging on about 125 square feet of floor framing per hour.

Material Costs

We figure one piece of bridging for every 6 1/2 square feet of floor framing area.

Suggested Quantity

Upstairs floor area.

Source of Construction Pricing

Labor and material job costing data from a couple of additions built by Turtle Creek Construction. The pricing is based on two pieces of bridging applied between joists in an X pattern, with 24" joist spacing and bridging applied in the midpoint of a 12 foot to 16 foot span.

Places Included

Architect Starter File, Construction Starter File, Developer Starter File, Framing Starter File


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