16' Wood Roof Truss Framing Cost

Construction Item Description

Construction framing unit cost for prefab wood roof trusses with approximately a 16 foot span.

This price includes unloading and installation of trusses and installation of blocking between the trusses.

Unit Size

One square foot of roof area.

Labor Costs

We figure that a two-person crew can install trusses on about 22 square feet of roofing area, per hour.

NOTE-- We were primarily remodelers who didn't often install truss roofs. For new construction you can probably reduce this unit cost considerably, particularly if you use a crane for installation.

Material Costs

One truss for every 32 square feet of roof area, with a 4% waste factor.

NOTE-- This coverage rate includes separate gable end trusses or regular wall framing at the two ends. Theoretically that should require one less truss, but frequently the spacing isn't even or there is some other reason to get an additional truss.

Suggested Quantity

Roof framing area from the Roof Dimensions screen.

Source of Construction Pricing

Based on actual crew timing from a couple of projects.

Places Included

Architect Starter File, Construction Starter File, Developer Starter File, Framing Starter File.


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