Steep Roof Framing Cost

Construction Item Description

Construction estimating unit cost for steep roof framing. This is an additional unit cost that you'll add to the regular unit cost for roof rafters or roof trusses.

Unit Size

One square foot.

Labor Costs

We figure an additional hour of carpenter time per 100 square feet of roof framing area. This covers the general additional futzing time caused by the steeper slopes.

Material Costs


Suggested Quantity

Goldenseal suggests the roof framing area from the Roof Dimensions screen.

Source of Construction Pricing

This is merely a seat of the pants guess. For larger projects you can probably get a better estimate by looking at the additional setup that is required for steep roofs and high ridges. For example, you may need to install scaffolding to work on the ridge area.

Places Included

Architect Starter File, Construction Starter File, Developer Starter File, Framing Starter File.


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