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garage 6" concrete slab

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Concrete Concrete Floor Slabs


Concrete construction unit cost for installation of a 6" concrete garage slab, with a smooth trowel finish.

This cost covers the complete slab installation cost (except for perimeter formwork).

NOTE-- For a slick finish, add the slick finish unit cost.

Unit Size

One square foot of garage slab area.

Labor Costs

We figure about 40 square feet per hour for a skilled worker, plus 66 square feet per hour for an unskilled worker. This includes touch-up grading, reinforcing mesh, placing the concrete, and a finished surface treatment for the concrete slab (screeding, floating, and a smooth trowel finish).

Material Costs

The material costs include reinforcing mesh, concrete (about 50 square feet per cubic yard), and a bit of utility wire.

Hard Construction Costs, Typical

$2.50 per square foot of garage floor slab

Suggested Quantity

Goldenseal calculates the floor area for the garage, and uses it for this unit cost. You can adjust the area if necessary.

Source of Construction Pricing

Averaged from job costs and crew timing from a couple of projects done by Turtle Creek Construction.

Places Included

Architect Starter File, Construction Starter File, Developer Starter File



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