Precast Concrete Floor Slab Cost


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precast slab

Construction Category SubCategory
Concrete Concrete Floor Slabs


Installation of a precast floor slab.

Unit Size

One square foot.

Labor and Equipment Costs

We figure about 50 square feet per hour for a crew consisting of a backhoe and operator, one skilled and three unskilled workers.

Material Costs

One square foot of precast slab.

Hard Construction Costs, Typical

$7.40 per square foot of precast concrete slab

Suggested Quantity

Goldenseal suggests the total calculated slab area.

Source of Construction Pricing

Guesswork. Turtle Creek Software never installed any precast slabs, though one time we considered it for a winter project that was rescued by a warm spell. The labor quantities seem appropriate for an interior casting somewhere, and then later moving the precast slab to the jobsite.

Places Included

Architect Starter File, Construction Starter File, Developer Starter File



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