12" Concrete Pier Installation Cost


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sonotube piers

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Concrete Concrete Footings


Concrete construction cost for 12" concrete pads or piers, cast inside a paper form (Sonotube or similar brand).

METRIC VERSION-- 300mm diameter

Unit Size

One pier-- 3 foot depth.

METRIC VERSION-- 900mm depth

Labor Costs

We figure 1 1/2 unskilled hours and 1/2 skilled hour per pier.

This cost includes the complete pier installation cost-- including hand excavation, setting the form, pouring concrete, removing the form and backfilling.

HINT-- If you have a power auger for excavating or are installing a large number of piers, you can probably reduce the labor cost by 50% or so.

Material Costs

Includes paper form and ready-mix concrete fill (34 piers per cubic yard of concrete).

METRIC VERSION-- 40 piers per cubic meter of concrete.

hard COnstruction Cost, Typical

$65.75 US per pier

Suggested Quantity

This unit cost uses the pier count from the Foundation Dimensions screen.

Source of Construction Pricing

Based on crew timing and job costing data from Turtle Creek Construction.

Places Included

Architect Starter File, Construction Starter File, Developer Starter File



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