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beam forms, per foot

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Concrete Concrete Beams & Steps


Concrete construction cost for a concrete grade beam, support beam or support column, per foot.

This cost covers the formwork cost, and the cost of removing forms after the pour.

Use this in combination with the cost per yard.

NOTE-- no reinforcing is included in this unit cost. Add that separately.

Unit Size

One lineal foot of beam (300mm).

Labor Costs

We figure about 7 feet of beam per hour of work by a two person crew (one skilled and one unskilled).

METRIC-- 2100mm per hour.

Material Costs

The cost includes framing lumber and plywood for an "average" size beam. We figure a waste factor of negative 30%, which covers some reuse of the materials afterwards.

NOTE-- treat large grade beams as a regular foundation wall.

hard COnstruction Cost, Typical

$11.37 per lineal foot

Suggested Quantity

No suggested quantity. Enter the total footage of concrete beams required.

Source of Construction Pricing

Based on job costing data from Turtle Creek Construction. This is a "rule of thumb" price for average conditions.

Places Included

Architect Starter File, Construction Starter File, Developer Starter File


This is a "two part" unit cost-- it covers the cost per lineal foot for form work and stripping. The per yard price covers concrete placement and concrete costs.

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